Couples Therapy in Taylor, Michigan

Your partnership can be one of the most rewarding relationships in your life. Sometimes, obstacles can come between you and your partner that are too complex for you to sort through alone. A couples counselor can help you improve communication, trust, and intimacy in your relationship. We pride ourselves on building a safe environment for you to express your honest emotions and work towards improving each other’s lives. An experienced couple’s counselor will work with you and your partner at any stage in your relationship and help you move forward.

Michigan Counseling Centers (MCC) provides services for couples from our office in Taylor, Michigan, as well as counselingpsychotherapy, and assessment/referral services. Our experienced couple’s counselors will build an honest and productive line of communication to start improving your relationship. Speak to a counselor from Michigan Counseling Services to see if our abilities match your needs.

Couples Counseling in Taylor, Michigan

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Services for Couples

Couples counseling is designed to help partners overcome conflict that has created distance between them, and discover renewed closeness in their relationship. Couples counseling is not reserved for married couples only; it can benefit partners in any stage of their relationships. There are many approaches to marriage counseling and couples counseling, and finding the right fit for you and partner can help you both enjoy your relationship again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Couples Therapy

Couples counseling services are often provided with a sliding-scale basis so the exact fee for each session may vary. Typically, couples counseling will take place once a week, for an hour, and often lasts for a duration of three months. To find out more about the cost of couples counseling, please contact us.

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