Children’s Counseling in Taylor, Michigan

All children will get into trouble or throw the occasional tantrum. However, when emotional meltdowns, anger, or isolation becomes common or severe, many adults are not sure what to do. Children may not know how to socialize with peers, they may have trouble reading or studying, or they may be unable to identify and control their emotions. If these challenges arise in your child’s life, we can help.

Michigan Counseling Centers (MCC) provides counseling services for children from our office in Taylor, Michigan. We work with children of all ages struggling with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. We provide counseling servicespsychotherapy, and assessment/referral services for children and families seeking help with difficult life event or recurring mental health issues.

If you’re seeking help for your child or for your family, please schedule a consultation. We will contact you by phone at a time that is convenient for you so we can discuss your needs and learn more about your situation. Counseling services for children in Taylor are by appointment only, Monday through Saturday between 9 am to 8 pm

Child Therapy Services in Taylor, Michigan

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Our Counselors

Our child therapists in Taylor, MI are trained to work especially with children. We provide compassionate care and treatment built for the child’s age, personality, and their unique situation. Before your child begins therapy, you will meet your child’s counselor and discuss their therapy plan. We understand how important trust is to both you and your child, and that is why we provide complete transparency and establish strong communication from the start.

Should your child see a therapist?

Seeing a child therapist does not mean there is “something wrong” with your child. All children are different and learn different emotional and social skills at varying rates. A child therapist will help your child strengthen the skills they need, identify a source of these obstacles if one exists, and develop strategies for coping with challenges in the future.

Our experienced, compassionate child therapists and friendly, welcoming atmosphere make it easy for children and families to get the help they need. Whether your child is working through a difficult event, such as death or divorce, or they are confronting a recurring issue such as depression or anxiety, we can help. Intervention early in a child’s life will give them the confidence, coping mechanisms, and support they need to grow into healthy adults. Speak to a therapist from Michigan Counseling Services to see if our abilities match your needs.

Children’s Mental Health Services

Whether you are looking to control a child’s destructive behaviors, repair relationships damaged by anger, or are required to do so by court order, Michigan Counseling Centers provides these services at both our Taylor and Bloomfield Hills location.

The assessment provides baseline information about issues you may be struggling with and your expectations for therapy. This process will also help your counselor design a therapy strategy that will be most useful for you, and which will address your needs and concerns. If our services are not perfectly suited for you, someone here at Michigan Counseling Centers may refer you to another professional who can help.

Some mood swings and outbursts are normal for children as they learn to regulate and identify their emotions, but some difficult events can cause this behavior to become extreme. In these cases, parents often aren’t sure what to do, and may be overwhelmed by the event themselves. These circumstances come in many forms, including the death of a family member, divorce, moving to a new city, the loss of a friend, and many other situations. Your child’s behavior may appear as angry outbursts and fighting with other children, isolation and trouble making friends, difficulty studying, sadness, or loss of interest. If you suspect your child is struggling through a difficult event, a professional child therapist can help.

Your child may not be able to explain where their frustration or sadness comes from, or why they feel the way that they do. If you notice your child is consistently sad, isolated, angry, or has trouble concentrating, a recurring mental health condition may be responsible. This is difficult to determine without a professional assessment, but you know when your child is struggling. Working with a professional child therapist can provide more insight into the challenges your child is facing, and how to solve them. Our professionals will work with your child and, if necessary, your family, to help your child cope and find success and happiness.

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