Family Counseling in Taylor, Michigan

People of all ages face challenges in their personal and interpersonal lives. Family units are one of the most important sources of stability and acceptance in our lives. When families experience disruption, everyone feels less secure, more stressed, and generally unhappier. Families may seek counseling in order to overcome conflict, handle the loss of a loved one, or assist a family member who suffers from a mental illness.

Family counselors provide mental health services individually and together with all family members to overcome disputes and conflict, address mental health concerns, and help families live happier lives together. Schedule a Consultation with Michigan Counseling Centers to discuss your needs and determine whether we are the best fit for your family.

Family Counseling in Taylor, Michigan

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Mental Health Services for Families

Whether you are looking to control destructive behaviors, repair relationships damaged by anger, or are required to do so by court order/workplace program, Michigan Counseling Centers provides these services at both our Taylor and Bloomfield Hills location.

Psychotherapy is one of the most effective methods for treating anxiety, depression, stress, extreme life changes, and other mental or emotional obstacles. There are many types of psychotherapy and your certified psychotherapist will select the best treatment method for you. This may mean speaking with your psychotherapist in a safe and confidential setting, working together with your partner or family, or working in a group setting.

The assessment provides baseline information about issues you may be struggling with and your expectations for therapy. This process will also help your counselor design a therapy strategy that will be most useful for you, and which will address your needs and concerns. If our services are not perfectly suited for you, someone here at Michigan Counseling Centers may refer you to another professional who can help.

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