We serve groups and individuals of all ages from our office in Taylor, Michigan.

Mental Health Services for You and Your Family

Michigan Counseling Centers (MCC) is the premier clinical therapy provider in the State of Michigan. We use a variety of approaches that are tailored to the individual needs of you or your family. Our approaches include counseling servicespsychotherapy, and assessment/referral services.

All of our therapists are highly-educated and highly-experienced, and provide individuals and their loved ones with support in navigating the challenging areas of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues and trauma. Whether you are seeking therapy for yourself, a family member, or jointly with your partner and family, we can help. We will assess your situation and your needs, and help you find a professional at one of our mental health centers that will work best with you.

For our therapists to discuss and tackle your issues, please schedule a consultation and we will contact you by phone discuss your needs. Counseling and therapy for individuals, couples and families are by appointment only, Monday through Saturday between 9 am to 8 pm.

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Mental Health Services for Children

All children sometimes get into trouble or have tantrums. But when emotional meltdowns, anger or isolation become common or severe, many adults are not sure what to do. Children may not know how to socialize with peers, they may have trouble reading or studying, or they may be unable to identify or control their emotions. If these challenges arise in your child’s life, we can help.

Seeing a child therapist does not mean there is “something wrong” with your child. All children are different and learn different skills at different rates. A child therapist will help your child strengthen the skills they need, identify a source of these obstacles if one exists, and develop strategies for coping with challenges in the future.

Children’s counseling can help to build social skills, emotional control, conflict resolution, and many other essential skills. A children’s counselor will help your child reach developmental milestones and address any obstacles in their lives. Speak to a therapist from Michigan Counseling Services to see if our abilities match your needs.

Mental Health Services for Teens

Children on the edge of young adulthood face many unique challenges. Between the ages of ten and eighteen, children form their self-image, assert their independence, and begin to find their place in the world. During this difficult transition, adolescents must also navigate other obstacles, such as bullying, drugs and alcohol, school work, athletics, friendships, dating, family dynamics, and much more.

A teen counselor acts not only as an experienced therapist, but a trusted confidant. We will work together to confront issues safely, build confidence, and help a teen form an independent, positive sense of self.

At Michigan Counseling Centers, we may provide effective mental health services for teens, as well as assessment & referral when it is called for. Whatever your needs, schedule a consultation to find out how we may help.

Mental Health Services for Adults

At our mental health center, we work with adults at every age and life stage. You may have struggled with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues all your life, or these challenges may be new to you. Your life may have been disrupted by a sudden event, such as a death, the loss of a job or divorce, or you may have gradually realized that something simply isn’t right. Whatever the case, we can help you strengthen, rebuild, or rediscover peace of mind and happiness in your life.

You will work with a counselor one-on-one who has experience with the mental health services that you are looking for. Our therapists will build a better understanding of your thoughts and behaviors, and help you reach your personal goals while living a more fulfilled life.

Mental Health Services for Couples

Your partnership can be one of the most rewarding relationships in your life. However, it also requires patience and understanding. Sometimes, obstacles can come between you and your partner that are too complex for your to sort through alone. If communication, trust, and intimacy have deteriorated and anger, regret, and distance have replaced them, a couples counselor can help you repair your relationship. We pride ourselves on building a safe environment for you to express your honest emotions and work towards improving each other’s lives.

Couples counseling can help you to improve communication, trust, and intimacy in your relationship. An experienced couples counselor will work with you and your partner at any stage in your relationship and help you move forward. Learn more about our couples counseling services.

Mental Health Services for Families

As mentioned in the sections above, people of all ages face challenges in their personal and interpersonal lives. Family units are one of the most important sources of stability and acceptance in our lives. When families experience disruption, everyone feels less secure, more stressed, and generally more unhappy. Families may seek counseling in order to overcome conflict, handle the loss of a loved one, or assist a family member who suffers from a mental illness.

Family counselors provide mental health services individually and together with all family members to overcome disputes and conflict, address mental health concerns, and help families live happier lives together. Schedule a Consultation with Michigan Counseling Centers to discuss your needs and determine whether we are the best fit for your family.

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