Why Choose Michigan Counseling Centers?

Michigan Counseling Centers (MCC) is the premier clinical therapy provider in the State of Michigan. We use a variety of approaches that are tailored to the individual needs of you or your family.

It can be difficult to find a therapist that seems like a perfect fit. All of our therapists are highly-educated and highly-experienced in providing the highest quality of care for clients of all ages.

Find a Therapist in Michigan

Our Mental Health Services

No two clients are exactly alike, but all treatments involve a level of trust between the client and a professional. Finding a therapist who you trust is the first step, and the next is to choose what method of treatment is most suitable.

One of our qualified and licensed therapists will evaluate the situation that you or your loved one is facing, and recommend an option form among our services of therapy, psychotherapy, or assessment and referral.

Assessment & Referral Services

Our assessment and referral services deliver the best results.

Find a Psychotherapist in Michigan

We use recognized psychological methods to help both individuals and groups.

Find a Therapist in Michigan

We provide an array of services for individuals, couples, and families.

Find a Therapist in Michigan - Confidential

Comfort and Confidentiality

Our client-centered approaches take place throughout private one-hour sessions. All staff of Michigan Counseling Centers emphasize high-quality care, and above all, confidentiality.

Our offices in Bloomfield Hills and Taylor, Michigan were designed and furnished to provide a comfortable and therapeutic setting.

Our Locations

Michigan Counseling Centers Office in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Michigan Counseling Centers Office in Taylor, Michigan