Our goal is to provide you with guidance and support in a discrete and effective way.

Our goal is to provide you with the guidance and support needed to help resolve the issues that are causing discomfort. If you are having issues or difficulty coping with life, relationships, employment, career direction, stress, emotions, self-esteem, grief and loss or other life circumstances please contact us for an initial discussion and appointment.

MCC is currently offering services in Bloomfield Hills and Taylor and has plans underway to offer services in other communities. Services are provided by appointment only Monday through Saturday between 9 am to 8 pm. MCC is closed on Sundays and Holidays.

Thomas Krolicki

Thomas Krolicki LMSW ACSW CAADC is a licensed clinical social worker and certified substance abuse counselor as well as the Chief Operating Officer and lead clinician with Michigan Counseling Centers (MCC).  Mr. Krolicki also serves as Vice President of Community Based Services with Wolverine Human Services the parent company of MCC.   

Mr. Krolicki has over thirty years of experience providing counseling and therapeutic interventions to children, adolescents and adults in community based outpatient setting as well as decades of experience providing family and child welfare services to Michigan’s most vulnerable populations.  Additionally Mr. Krolicki has served as a Board member on various non-profits; he is an active participant in child welfare policy development and is a field placement instructor for many of Michigan’s Schools of Social Work.  Mr. Krolicki also offers clinical supervision for those wishing to obtain their license to practice Social Work in the State of Michigan.

Zack Wollack

“If you have made the personal decision to seek therapeutic treatment than you are on the right path! And this is not a road you have to travel alone. Psychotherapy is a collaborative journey between the client and therapist. We work together in a safe and confidential environment. I encourage you to continue your journey; I welcome the opportunity to be of service.
When working with individuals, my goal is to allow each person to develop at their own pace. I believe this helps to facilitate effective improvement and resilience. My ultimate goal is to help aid in the improvement of others’ lives, and helping individuals to overcome their own personal challenges.
One of the most important parts of therapy is establishing a safe, empathic, honest, and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship. This relationship serves to provide a collaborative environment in order to more effectively help support you in reaching your personal goals. Through the therapeutic process, I strive to guide you in developing greater understanding and insight into your unique experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which promotes empathy, self-compassion, and healing, so that you may live a more fulfilled and conscious life of your choosing.”

Zack has over ten years of experience providing counseling and therapeutic interventions to children, adolescents and adults in community based outpatient setting.  Zack specializes in working with individuals and their loved ones who seek support in navigating challenges in the areas of anxiety, depression, grief & loss, stressful life changes and adjustments, mood disorders, relationship issues self-esteem issues, sexual issues, and trauma.

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