Family Counseling Services
in Taylor and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

In some cases, an individual might seek therapy, but, in other cases, families might seek therapy together. In other cases, family therapy might include a combination of individual and group therapy sessions. There are many ways to go about family counseling services, and which method works for you will depend on how you and your family interact, communicate, your lifestyle, and obstacles that you’re working through.

Who is Family Counseling For?

As you might expect, family counseling can be useful for any and all types of families. The family might all live together, or they might not. This might include one parent, two parents, multiple parents, other guardians, and many others. There may be young children involved, adult children, teens, or no children. Maybe you and your partner are blending your families together and navigating your new relationships and responsibilities together, maybe you have suffered a loss in your family and some family members are struggling to cope, or maybe you want to learn how to overcome a different obstacle together.

There are all kinds of reasons you might seek family counseling. Here are a few reasons, though this list is certainly not exhaustive.

  • Blending families together
  • Supporting a child with learning disabilities or behavioral concerns
  • Navigating divorce or separation
  • Learning to communicate better
  • Overcoming trauma and loss
  • Struggling with a move or another significant life event

Family Group Therapy

Family group therapy is one approach that might help you and your family. In a family group therapy session, all of the family members in the household, or all of the family members involved in addressing a particular obstacle, will be involved in the session. Your counselor will mediate the session to help you all communicate constructively and work through your obstacles together. You might take part in role playing sessions, communication exercises, and other exercises to encourage empathy, trust, honesty and understanding.

Family group therapy sessions can be helpful for families that have difficulty communicating, or find themselves often arguing over the same issues. Your counselor can help you communicate more effectively as they mediate the conversation. This approach can help everyone in the family feel heard, and can help you work towards understanding and resolution. These sessions may be short-term or long-term, depending on your needs and situation. Your counselor can help you and your family navigate chores and responsibilities better, work through childrens’ issues at school or behavioral problems, communicate your anger, frustration or sadness without creating rifts, and more.

Youth and Family Counselor

If your child is struggling with learning issues at school, behavioral problems at home, has problems socializing, or you have other concerns, a youth and family counselor can help. This type of counseling can help your family learn the best ways to support your child, while also giving your child tools to overcome obstacles in their way. This might include individual sessions with your child and other family members as well as group sessions with the family.

When your child has the support of your entire family, as well as professional support from an experienced therapist, they will have the best tools possible to move forward. With this type of youth and family counseling, your family and your child will acquire essential skills, tools, and strategies to overcome obstacles in their life. This might include, but is not limited to:

  • Supporting children with learning disabilities or behavioral issues
  • Helping children learn to socialize more effectively
  • Teaching children to manage their emotions and reactions
  • Strengthening family relationships and helping siblings work together
  • Navigating roles and responsibilities that make sense for each family member

Adult Child and Family Counseling

As children grow up and become independent, it can strain family relationships. Parents and adult children may have trouble navigating new roles in the family. Parents may disagree with their children’s life styles or choices, and children may find it difficult to communicate honestly and openly with their parents. In other cases, children may find themselves taking care of parents who are struggling with physical impairments, and this change in roles can be difficult for everyone. Adult child and family counseling can help all parties move forward together, understand each other better, and become closer.

Family Counseling in Taylor and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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Family counseling can help all types of families strengthen their bonds and become closer. Schedule a consultation today to learn more family counseling and speak with a family-based therapist.