Career Counseling

Your career can make the difference between a happy life and constant frustration. Career counseling services are designed to help you navigate your career path. That can mean starting on the career path, improving in your career, or switching jobs. It’s important to find a career counselor who understands your needs, is insightful, and can help you find the right path for yourself.

What is Career Counseling?

If your job provides you with fulfillment and stability, you may feel better about yourself and be kinder to those around you. Career counseling services are a partnership between the counselor and the client. The goal of this partnership is work through a discovery process and find the ideal career options. When you find a career counselor that is right for you, they will not tell you what you should do, but rather help you discover your best option for yourself.

Career counseling services base their process on your personality, your likes and dislikes, what you want from your career, your strengths, and other factors. Each person looks for something different in their career, and it’s important to find a field and industry that matches your expectations. It’s also important to build a realistic vision of your career to avoid disappointment later in life.

Who is Career Counseling For?

Career Counseling Near MeAdults in every stage of life can benefit from career counseling services and find a career counselor to help them take the next step. Some people that seek career counseling are looking to make a new career move, and many are entering unavoidable changes in their working life.

Others may feel as though they are stuck. Perhaps they cannot find the job they want or are unhappy in their current position, and aren’t sure what to do next.

Career counseling services are helpful for any of the following situations:

  • Recent college graduates unsure how to proceed into their career
  • Young adults choosing an education path for their career
  • Young professionals seeking advancement in their field
  • Individuals seeking to make a career change
  • Experienced workers who feel unfulfilled in their current job
  • Workers requiring a career change after downsizing or a recession
  • Individuals seeking to reenter the workforce after an extended absence
  • Recent retirees seeking to start a new job

What Can Career Counseling Services Help Me With?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right career. It is important to find a career counselor who considers all angles of the professional experience. For this reason, career counseling services provide a mix of introspection and action, and your career counselor will help you with each. You and your career counselor will advise you on your strengths and weakness, skills you have or need, your attitudes about your job, and actions you may need to take.

Career counseling services can help you with the following:

  • Assessing skills you may need for a career change or advancement
  • Developing a plan to acquire additional skills
  • Connecting you with industry professionals in your field
  • Understanding what you need from your job
  • financially and emotionally
  • Understanding how your lifestyle and family fit into your career
  • Finding an ideal career to match your personality
  • Finding and applying for jobs in your field
  • Building confidence to apply for or ask for the job you want
  • Making a plan to transition smoothly to another career
  • Deciding if a career change is right for you
  • Making a transition to another career or new job
  • Transitioning smoothly to a new location

What To Expect From Career Counseling

Clients should be ready for deep thought, self-analysis and action during career counseling. Remember that your counselor should support you, but also challenge any notions that are holding you back. It is important to understand that career counseling services are a partnership, and you will benefit more from career counseling when you invest time and energy into it.

When you find a career counselor, you will outline a plan and timeline for what you want to achieve and what you and your counselor will do to get there. At this stage, you may already have a defined goal. You may think things like “I want a promotion” or “I want to switch careers and become a lawyer.” Others may have less-defined goals, for example: “I need more direction” or “I want fulfillment in my career,” and your career counselor will help you define these ideas and instruct you on how to achieve them.

Your career counselor will give you exercises and may use talk therapy to help you examine your professional goals, needs, and desires, and to align these with your personality, skills, and lifestyle. Career counseling services will help you better understand the job you are seeking, the path to get there, and the challenges you may face. You will eventually outline an action plan to achieve your goals, and address any obstacles you find.

Find A Career Counselor

Michigan Counseling Centers has two locations to help you easily find an experienced career counselor near you. If you’re feeling stuck in your career, you’re unsure how to take the next step, or you’re not sure what the next step is, career counseling services can help. Contact us today to find a career counselor in Bloomfield Hills, MI or Taylor, MI.